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I am Michelle. My fiance’s name is Jon and together, we are Team Hicks! I am lucky enough to love my amazing Boston Marathon runner, Ironman triathlete and strive to be his biggest fan every day.

We are getting married this upcoming September, less than 200 days away! If you have been to any weddings lately, you know the whole hashtag thing is all the rage… our is #OfficiallyTeamHicks (to solidify that our marriage, is in fact, a team effort but also that we will continue what we have started– we will keep being at every finish line and showing up with the signs, cowbells and love no matter what! But also because my other hashtag ideas were vetoed… #HicksGetsHitched #TakeMeToHickstown #HitchingHicks)

Home base is Cincinnati, Ohio. We aren’t from here but we love it! We have both lived here for 7-8 years now and while it isn’t the hustling bustle of a major city, it is perfect for the pace of our lives. There is also a large running community and a growing triathlon community that is a great support system.

Who am I? My day job is a pediatric ICU pharmacist. No, I do not count pills and no, I cannot get you ______ drug. What I can do, is work with the physicians and try to help save a child’s life… pretty darn rewarding if you ask me!

I am NOT a triathlete. I don’t even own a bike! I am a “rookie runner” though I don’t know how long I can keep calling myself that. Maybe until I do a full marathon? I used to run what felt like several miles back in my college days but I now realize those runs were probably less than a mile each. I started truly running in my pursuit to do a half marathon after I started dating Jon so that I could better understand his life and his world of running… I might have become slightly addicted. I am now training for my third half marathon and my sights are set on a 26.2, maybe this fall!

When we started dating, Jon had already completed three marathons, recently qualified for Boston and was actively training to secure his place in the corrals at Boston by running marathon #4 at Toledo. He was also starting his pursuit for his first half Ironman race later that year. Needless to say, I had a lot to learn about his world. For better or for worse, I was thrown right into the unfamiliar world when the first time I went over his running partners’ house (husband and wife, Shaun and Sara), it was to watch the Olympic Trials for the marathon. I had no idea who Meb was, yet alone how long it was going to take the runners to finish (or how quickly as I now know).

Since then, I have spectated a few races and run some of my own. I learned to go back to sleep after an alarm goes off at 4 a.m. for morning work outs and also learned what it takes to cross my own finish lines.

While we might not all put in the miles alongside our loved one, our lives can revolve around the sport and their goals. Their dreams become ours as well. If you ever had tears watching your better half cross a finish line or had more pre-race anxiety than they do, you know what I am talking about!

This blog will be a mixture of race spectating guides, real talk about living with a triathlete and general endurance athlete information. Here are a few races we have done in the recent past that I will write specific spectating blogs about:

“Heart Mini” Half Marathon (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Toledo Glass City Marathon (Toledo, Ohio)

Zoom Tri Fest: Caesar’s Creek (Waynesville, Ohio)

Zoom Tri Fest: Buck Creek (Springfield, Ohio)

Ironman 70.3 Steelhead (Benton Harbor, Michigan)

Run Like a Girl Half Marathon (Columbus, Ohio)

Boston Marathon (Boston, Massachusetts)

Ironman 70.3 Muncie (Muncie, Indiana)

Flying Pig Half Marathon (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Ironman Mont Tremblant (Mont Tremblant, Canada)

University of Cincinnati Bearcats 18.16K (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Ironman Texas (The Woodlands, Texas)


For specific race guides, I would encourage you to cross check the information on the race website for any course changes, road closures and additional rules. I am not affiliated with any race, any sponsor or any organization surrounding the sports– I am simply a fan and an athlete who wants to help others support their athletes!

Please let me know if you have specific race questions, general spectator spouse curiosities or if you would like to become a guest blogger with race tips for another race! 

I would love to hear from you. I hope this creates a community of spectators so that we know we are not alone and our athletes know we are supporting them the best way we can, with our love!

Happy trails,

MichelleIMG_2119(This is me after crossing the finish line of my first half marathon!)


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