The top 10 reasons to date a triathlete

While Jon and I were on vacation in Grand Haven, Michigan (our first true vacation together instead of traveling!), I came across an article titled “10 reasons you should never, ever date a triathlete…” on 220 Triathlon. This post was over a year old by the time I was reading it but I read it aloud to Jon and I could tell he was crushed. While I can’t say that this article was completely false, it was the most negative way to view anyone, yet alone your better half! The article was clearly meant to be a way for triathletes to laugh at themselves and hopefully hold their significant others a little closer after reading it…. still!

(Original article here:

The next day, while I was gearing up to go to the beach & Jon would be on his way home from his training ride, I knew I could write a better Top 10 list:

Top 10 reasons to never, EVER let your triathlete go:

10. Drive.   Other men give up when the going gets tough, but triathletes will keep going until there isn’t anything more to give. This shows in their training peaks log, at work logging long hours and in your relationship when you might not want to keep talking about something but you know you won’t be going to bed before it is flushed out.

9. Travel.    Your adventurous partner will be racing and have you seen some of the race destinations?! Whether it’s the corn fields of Muncie, Indiana, the shores of Lake Michigan or the beaches at Cabo, you get to explore some places you otherwise wouldn’t.

8. Inspiration.    Spending the day on the couch while your significant other has a five hour workout might be the exact encouragement you need to lace up your own running shoes. If you do (and you will never be expected to), you’ll get the best cheerleader from your triathlete who will be proud of even your two mile runs. Hint: you might not be fast enough to run with them, but they will undoubtedly happily pace you across your finish line, just don’t be too proud to ask.

7. Patience.    Often times we want everything right away. We want to get faster, we want to see results. You’ll learn how to put the work in to reap the benefits. We also might be feeling up to fooling around a little more than our tired triathlete which is a definite learning curve in your relationship. Don’t worry, when it happens, it will have been worth being patient for. You probably would want to be on top after crushing your privates for hours on a hard bike seat either. Patience will keep you learning when the training plan allows for some extra cardio.

6. Knowledge.    You likely had no idea what the distances of various races are yet alone the complexities of time trial bikes. While learning the lingo is not expected from your triathlete, you’ll better understand their world if you keep asking questions. They’ll appreciate your curiosity and you can learn about not just one sport, but three.

5. Independence.    If you enjoy your me-time, you automatically get it scheduled for you during workouts! While this may become slightly less attractive when kids are involved and you’re juggling errands, enjoy your time to yourself and steal some extra cuddles you might otherwise be sharing!

4. Laundry.  Clothes become much easier…. race t-shirts for days.  Laundry is done more often and you can easily distinguish yours from your triathlete’s.

3. Loyalty.    While you might have friends who wonder what their significant other is up to when they’re late to come home… you can rest your head that they likely ran an extra mile or swam a few extra laps. They’re loyal to their training plan, and you. With all their training sessions after work and on the weekends, they (hopefully) don’t have time to cheat… or you’ll know it when they DNF their race. Hint: you can also be a creeper and follow them on Strava. Kudos for seeing a run map that wasn’t even close to that young secretary’s house! 

2. Friends.    Hopefully your triathlete finds training friends that mean you can get to know those friends’ support crews and have new friends to spectate with. A race is much less stressful when you aren’t spectating alone, constantly watching your watches to calculate how your athlete is doing. With friends to share it with you can share your woes of training life and look out for one more person to be proud of crossing that finish line!

1. Pride.     The adrenaline/anxiety  you feel waiting for them to finish the swim, bike out and run out are small compared to the monumental pride of watching them cross the finish line and look for you to give you that big, sweaty, can barely stand anymore hug. It’s worth it when you see them accomplish their goals– believe me.



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