A Weekend in Boston

Boston! There is something for everyone and a little more if you love Italian! Our weekend was full of delicious food and pancakes that I still daydream about.

My disclaimer for our own itinerary is that Jon’s dad is a decently picky eater and that made our choices pretty “American” centered. Even though we didn’t necessarily go to places we would have sought out when traveling alone, we did find fantastic food and beer everywhere!

We stayed Saturday through Wednesday and in 2017, Easter was the day before the marathon so we had to incorporate a little celebration!


We quickly learned the transportation system and made it from the airport to our hotel and back to brunch at Five Horses Tavern South End (nothing spectacular but still good!).

We watched the Invitational Mile race and then headed to the race expo.

Dinner at Union Oyster House (a very old, historic restaurant with delicious seafood and cornbread!). This was around the corner from our hotel, The Bostonian.


We started out the day with a long run and shake out run for Jon and I, respectively. It was beautiful to run through the Boston Commons and Boston Public Gardens.

We had Easter brunch at Abe & Louie’s which is right on Boylston Street. Delicious french toast and pancakes! After brunch we walked along the shops on Beacon Street which were upscale and unique. There were some businesses we only thought sold items online that had storefronts there! Since we were going to a Red Sox game in the afternoon, we took our time walking along Beacon Street and ended up at the ballpark. It was really fun, despite being Cleveland Indians fans. Make sure you get yourself a Fenway Frank! The walk allowed us to take in the sights Jon would be seeing the following day like the Citgo sign!

After the game, we went back to the hotel to get everything situated for an early race morning so we could go right to sleep after dinner, which was at Anthem Kitchen + Bar in Faneuli Hall. We did make a stop at The Boston Chipyard, in Faneuli Hall for some cookies!

Marathon Monday:

Post-race dinner was supposed to be at Bostonia Public House; however, I totally screwed up spectating and was 45 minutes late to meet Jon so we missed our reservation and ended up eating at Clarke’s in Faneuli Hall. They had great beer and were full of marathoners so it was an okay substitute!


Breafast at The Paramount in Beacon Hill. Worth the wait. It is a small place but the portion sizes you get are incredible and the pancakes were out of this world. I would prioritize this on your list!

We decided to go to Cambridge for the afternoon to check out Harvard! One of the first movies Jon and I watched together was Good Will Hunting so I definitely bought some caramels and we set out to find places in the movie!

We stopped at 1369 Coffee House and then walked around Harvard, jumping onto a campus tour before heading to Mr. Bartley’s Burgers. We weren’t necessarily hungry but the amazing concoctions on their menu drew us to split a burger!

After Harvard, we headed back to Boston and spent some time at the Boston Public Market, right near the Haymarket T-station. They have a Union Square Donuts inside if you are like us and search for delicious donuts in new cities! From there, we passed a sombering Holocaust Memorial and then walked a bit of the Freedom Trail. There were so many options, I can’t wait to go back to see more!  We waited in line at Mike’s Pastry and got some cannoli’s! This seemed like a must-do in Boston and most places had them on the menu but to live up the tourist card, we waited in line!

Wednesday: On our last day, Jon’s parents had a early flight back to Seattle and Jon and I lucked out with an afternoon flight so we had a bit more exploring to do! We grabbed coffee at the Thinking Cup, walked around the amazing little shops in Little Italy and had a fantastic lunch at Al Dente’s. It felt as if grandmother herself rolled the pasta! I don’t think you could choose wrong in Little Italy! I loved shopping in Shake the Tree and trying on hats at SALMAGUNDI’s. We capped off our trip with a Samuel Adams 26.2 draft from The Bell in Hand Tavern.

There were so many options to choose from in Boston, it can be overwhelming. Here are a few places we had on our radar but didn’t end up visiting:


Trident Booksellers/Cafe

Flour Bakery & Cafe

Diesel Cafe

Crema Cafe

Sweet Cupcakes

The Beehive

Samuel Adams Brewery

Toscanini’s Ice Cream

Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream

Island Creek Oyster Bar

The Publick House

Neptune Oyster

Legal Harborside



Quincy Market Boston

No Name Restaurant


Where are your go to Boston stops? Comment below!IMG_0573IMG_0575IMG_0564IMG_0561IMG_0581


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